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Most societies considered anal sex a taboo in the past. However, many people find anal sex thrilling. In fact, some people prefer it over vaginal penetration. But, this should not be considered to mean that anal penetration is better than vaginal penetration. However, an increasing number of people, both women and men are trying anal sex. If unsure about your partner’s reaction when you propose the idea, hire an escort for your first experience.

Human anus has numerous interconnected muscles and nerve endings that lead to rhythmic contractions that lead to amazing orgasms during anal sex. But some people, especially beginners think that anal sex is a painful experience. However, this is not true. If you want to engage an escort service for your first anal sex experience, here are tips to guide you.

Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically

Whether you have it with an escort or any other person, trying anal sex for the first time is like losing virginity. Naturally, the experience comes with anxiety and fear. Take time to think carefully about the experience based on your fantasies and desires. Talk to your partner about anal sex and what you need if you choose them. Even when you engage an escort service, consider anal sex as a way of achieving pleasure and satisfaction.

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